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Congratulations Sarah Nielsen on your book Just Keep Going

Sarah Nielsen is a speaker for Your Choice and speaks about the struggles of having a child with addiction.  She recently published her book Just Keep Going, Spiritual Encouragement from the Mom of a Troubled Teen. 

Click here to purchase a copy

About Us 

Your Choice-Live is a drug and alcohol awareness program for our youth, presented by young adults who share their personal experience with the choices they each made regarding drugs and alcohol during their own school days.  Some of our young speakers made a personal choice to stay out of harm's way at a time when just saying no seemed almost impossible. Some of our speakers found themselves trapped in a cycle of addiction.  Our mission is to reach our youth before the drugs do with the knowledge and skills to make the best choice, and the resolve to remain substance free.


1) Raise awareness about drugs and alcohol to our youth, parents and the community by educating all community members of the risks of drug and alcohol and to help them work together. 

2) Remove barriers to openly discuss the issues of drugs and alcohol and the devastating effects they can have on young people and their families.

3) Restructure resources offering a variety of support, education, counseling and treatment.


Your Choice started with one family who lived through the devastation of drugs and alcohol. Their son Tyler struggled with drugs and alcohol for 11 years until he decided it was time to get help. Once he completed treatment in 2008, the family came together and decided they wanted to educate youth and families about drugs and alcohol so that other families wouldn’t have to experience what they lived through.  

After many student and community presentations, other youth and parents who have lived through the devastation of drugs and alcohol, joined forces to help educate our youth and families by sharing their stories.
Youth Speakers 

Understand what addiction really looks like in the life of a suburban student, explained from young people who have lived it. Learn how to resist substance abuse, from youth who successfully said no or pulled back. 

Meet the youth speakers

Parent Speakers 
Parents of children who got involved with drugs and alcohol will give their perspective on what went wrong and how their child's abuse impact-ed their families. In a frank and insightful manner, these parents tell you what they wish they had known.


Meet the parent speakers 


From Students:

"It told me a lot about how hard life can get just trying it once. It really got me to think."

"It was really good and it really hit home about the dangers of drugs."

"I could understand the things the people were talking about because they really weren't much older than me"

"Kids at every age should learn about drugs and Your Choice can really touch some people just like it did with me."

"There are people in high school who have nobody to talk to and if they felt they needed help, I think that they would feel comfortable reaching out to you and asking for advice since you know what it's like. Nobody wants help from a goody two-shoes that doesn't understand"

"I really enjoyed how the program incorporated a user. It showed us how you could turn out if you continued to use"

"I liked that Tyler was very open about everything and it can help me cope with the things I'm going through in my personal life"

"It's important to learn this stuff and they've done the best job so far"

"Kids at every age should learn about drugs and Your Choice can really touch some people just like it did with me." 


From Parents:

"I was one of the parents at your program at North Shore Middle School last night.  I just wanted to say thanks.  I did not speak, but I have two daughters.  One is 8 and the other is 11 and they are pure as fresh fallen snow and I want to keep them that way which is why I went to the program.  I was sorry to see such a small turn out of parents, but I know that most parents just think...oh no that not my little Johnny, and the sad part is that is usually who ends up being out of control.  I ran with a very rough crowd in high school as well and I left that city and group of friends and never spoke to them again.  I just heard last week that one of them died at 40 years old from excessive drug use, and hear some other sad stories.  Do not stop what you are doing you are making a difference, even if you only prevent addiction from devastating 1 single family.  Thanks."

 "Absolutely incredible presentation! Should be at all schools!"

"Thank you for this program and your courage and commitment to helping others!"

"The power of the family dynamic and hearing from both Tyler and Ashleigh and how using destr

oyed the whole family. Message is delivered by young people to young people"

"Personal stories were incredibly powerful. Thank you to everyone for sharing. It was very helpful. Awesome!"

"WOW! It was all awesome! Thank you Tyler for reinforcing parenting techniques even though teen may be rebellious about it. That was very encouraging to hear. The toolbox full of items was very powerful"

From One Family to Another Attendee:

"Thank you very much to your family for taking the time to meet with us last night. It was awesome to have another family to discuss these things with that has direct experience and can understand the things that are happening. This has been going on for well over a year and we so welcome the help and perspective of your family."


From School Administration:

"I wanted to thank you all, for the very fine presentation that you gave our 7th and 8th grade students here at North Shore Middle School. It was well received by both teachers and students. From my understanding there is ongoing discussions concerning the topics you shared with students, teachers, and significant adults. Once again thank you for your message of hope and for your example of courage in the midst of some insurmountable obstacles. Keep up the good work!" 
-Anita Allwardt North Shore Middle School

To Tyler, Ted, Ricki, Chalyn & Michael,
Congratulations on your sobriety :) Thank you all for coming to St. Croix Falls MS & HS! Your stories have touched the hearts of many :) Thank you for sharing your lives with us! I wish every teen could hear your stories & learn from them! You guys are AWESOME!!!" 
-Shanda Henk & SCF MS& HS



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