Local Prevention Resources:  These sites also contain links to additional resources.


Educational Resources:  Alcohol and Other Drugs (including Heroin)


Kenosha Human Development Services:

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Resource Center of Kenosha County

5407 8th Ave., Kenosha

(262) 657-7188 or (800) 236-7188

Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM for general information or 24/7 for Crisis Assistance

Goal: provide people seeking information and assistance for their mental health or substance abuse issues with accurate information on community resources to meet their needs.

Crisis services are available 24 hours a day and the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resource Center is open during general business hours. Everyone is welcome to call or come in during office hours and use the Resource Center services as often as they need information or assistance. No appointment is necessary.   


Intervention Help:


Please contact your insurance coverage for assistance to the providers that would be in your network to offer Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) assessment, counseling, and treatment.


Medication Drop Box Locations:

  • Kenosha County Safety Building

    • 1000 55th St., Kenosha

    • Collection Hours: Mon-Fri (8AM - 5:30PM), excluding holidays

  • Pleasant Prairie Police Department

    • 8600 Green Bay Rd., Pleasant Prairie

    • Collection Hours: Open 24 hours

  • University of Wisconsin - Parkside Police Department

    • 900 Wood Rd., Tallent Hall, east side of building, Kenosha

    • Collection Hours: Open 24 hours