Getting Started 

Items needed for bedroom set-up


Desk and desk chair
2 night stands
Queen or Twin bed
Clothes rack

Household Items

2 pillows with pillow cases
2 stuffed animals with holes cut in back
Empty bottle of alcohol
Grape soda can
Pink or purple empty water bottle
Water bottle - ½ water and ½ vodka
Trash can
Face cloth
Crushed beer can
Old cellphone
Empty tampon box
Small bottle of booze
Boys & girl’s clothes to hang on clothes rack
Empty Altoids container
Empty Carmex container
Visine bottle
3 bottles of vanilla extract
Empty box or bottle of cough medicine
2 sandwich bags with a small amount of oregano inside
Foil for homemade pipe
Items to place on the girl’s dresser
Pair of girl’s tennis shoes
Piece of paper with 710 written

1 blue & 1 pink laundry basket
Boy & girl comforter
Spray deodorant/computer cleaner
Pencil holder
Empty prescription pill bottle & pet medicine
3 books appropriate for a teen
Clock set to 4:20
4 cut up straws
Roll of foil and foil box
Sandwich bags
Tissue box with tissues
Empty toilet roll
Dryer sheets
Bottle of cologne
Car keys
Razor blade
CD case
Old drivers license, id card, or credit card
1 dollar bill
2 hollowed out pens


Hairbrush safe
Tampon flask
Heroin kit from Aids Resource Center
Vape pen and juice
Marijuana socks
Air freshener safe
Rolling papers
Lipstick pipe
Battery safe
Sunscreen flask
Silicone dab jar
Bottle of empty pill capsules
Sourin Drop
Dab pen

Chapstick air freshener
Water bottle safe
High Times magazine
Book safe
Highlighter pipe
Monster storage can
Red Bull storage can
Ice Tea storage cans
Empty pack of cigarettes
1 poster
Keychain lanyard with marijuana leaves on it
Keychain stash jar
Cigarette cellophane wrapper with folded up foil