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Stairway to Heroin

"WOW, great presentation, thank you!!!! Should be mandatory for every parent!" - Parent

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Stairway to Heroin: Creating awareness in a target community by providing statistics related to illicit drug use, detailing drug trends and types of use, providing a medical perspective on addiction, hearing personal testimonies from families who have experienced the devastation associated with drug abuse and addiction, and learning about hope and recovery.

This powerful event creates awareness in your community by:

·      Providing local facts of drug use in your schools and community.
·      Detailing the trends of kinds and types of use
·      Providing a medical perspective on use
·      Personal testimonies from families who have experienced the devastation associated with drug abuse and addiction.
·      Teaching about hope and recovery. 

Speaker Bios:


Dr. Tim Westlake, MD

Dr. Tim Westlake has been a full-time Emergency Physician for over 17 years. He is the Medical Director of the Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital and has 2 teenage daughters. Tim is the Vice Chairman of the Wisconsin State Medical Examining Board, where he serves as Chairman of the Licensing and Controlled Substance Committees and has guided the State’s prescription opioid reform strategy. He serves on the State Controlled Substances Board and is a member of the Governor’s Taskforce on Opioid Abuse. He is a member of the Wisconsin ePDMP Executive Design Team. He formed and is Chairman of the Wisconsin State Coalition for Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction. Tim has been a Stairway to Heroin speaker for over 4 years.


Detective Chris Kohl

Chris Kohl is a detective with the Waukesha County’s Sheriff Department. He has served on the Waukesha County Metro Drug Unit in which he experienced firsthand the damage caused by the proliferation of opioids and heroin. Chris is passionate about providing parents and the community with the information they need to help prevent our youth from going down this road. He is the father of two young children and has been a Stairway to Heroin speaker for over 4 years.

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Chris Gleason

Chris Gleason has worked in the Addiction field since 1995. He is a Certified Advanced Addiction Counselor, he holds a BA from Judson University in Human Services and a Master’s from Argosy University in Community Counseling. Chris has also presented on many different topics, both locally and nationally, including Co-Occurring Treatment for Adolescents and Opiate/Heroin Addiction in the Adult and Adolescent population. Currently, Chris is the Executive Director of Rosecrance for Central Illinois. Chris is also an adjunct professor at Aurora University in the Department of Social Work with a focus on addiction studies. Chris has been a Stairway to Heroin speaker for over 4 years.


Lybert Family

The Lybert family – Sandi, Rick, Ashleigh and Tyler – founded Your Choice to Live, Inc. after dealing with addiction in their family. Tyler started using drugs in sixth grade as a way to make friends and fit in. Tyler’s drug use escalated from alcohol and marijuana to pills and heroin. He was in and out of jail. His family life deteriorated from the stress of his drugs use. During the Lybert’s presentation, Ashleigh speaks about the pressure to be the perfect sister in light of her brother’s addiction and feeling neglected by her parents. Rick talks about being angry that his son couldn’t conquer his addiction and Sandi explains how she enabled her son to the point that her marriage nearly crumbled. Tyler entered treatment at age 21 and has been sober since 2008. The Lybert’s are passionate about communicating their story and removing the stigma of teen substance abuse in hopes of helping other families. 


Melanie Crandall

Melanie has been speaking with Your Choice to Live for 3 years as a Stairway to Heroin presenter and youth presenter. Melanie shares her powerful personal story with the hope of saving others from the devastation that she endured. An integral part of the Your Choice team, Melanie is also a certified Narcan trainer and Detour instructor. She conducts opioid overdose education and training on Narcan administration for families and community members. Melanie has a deep passion for carrying out the Your Choice mission of education, prevention, and early intervention.


"3rd presentation I have been to. It gets better every time! Thank you! Valuable resource for educators and parents."

"Thank you so much, it was great with personal stories and the different perspectives."

"Thank you Melanie and Lybert Family for sharing your stories. God Bless! There is hope! Thank you for this presentation. I hope this could be a mandatory presentation for all high school students statewide."

"Please continue with other programs about this. Excited for Wake Up Call."

 "Chris you rocked this presentation congrats, very proud of you. The Lybert family, you guys are awesome. Tyler very proud of you. Keep it up."


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